1963 – Real Estate Administration by Federico Butti
The company’s current President, Federico Butti, embarked on this activity in Lugano in 1963, when some of his acquaintances entrusted him with the administration of their real estate properties.

1976 – GIC Gestioni Immobiliari Condominiali SA
Business grew rapidly in the following years and as a result, in 1976, a limited company was set up: GIC Gestioni Immobiliari Condominiali SA, having its corporate seat in Lugano.

1984 – GIC SA Gestione Investimenti Consulenze
The company, which initially merely dealt with Real Estate administration, with the time expanded its range of activities by including commercial and financial services.  In 1984 the company name was changed, and the corporate seat was transferred to Chiasso.

1990 – GIC Fiduciaria SA
In 1990 the company permanently changed its name into GIC Fiduciaria SA and is fully entitled to operate as a Family Office and Trust Company under the law in the Swiss market.